October 2012

Enjoying hearty food: gluten-free meat loaf and baked potatoes

If you are looking for some hearty meal and like meat you may try this gluten-free meat-loaf recipe. This substantial dish is made of minced meat, eggs, herbs, potatoes, tomatoes and some capers, sesame seed and mustard. It is simple to prepare and very tasty. For a glutenfree version, replace the bread with cornflour and gluten-free mustard.

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Gluten-free shortcrust pastry pear tart

This tart is made of gluten-free shortcrust pastry and "Abate" pears. It is a delicious cake, with autumnal taste. This recipe only combines some honey and bitter almond aroma to the pleasant taste of a ripe "Abate" pear. For a glutenfree version, use rice flour and glutenfree baking powder. Replace butter with soy margarine if you need also a lactose-free version and add glutenfree starch (these ingredients will help you to gain a more light and airy pastry).

Active time: 90 minutes

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“Glutenfree Bigos” – East European traditional speciality

"Bigos" is a traditional Polish, Lithuanian and Belarussian dish made of sauerkraut, different meat, mushrooms and plum butter. It is a substantial dish, very simple and cheap and the perfect solution when having many people over and not knowing what to serve. In Poland, Bigos is part of every menu in every restaurant and traditionally served with bread as a starter. For a glutenfree version, abstain from the bread and replace it with potatoes or take the Bigos without any extras. The Polish prepare Bigos in heaps and deep-freeze it partially - since it's sauerkraut it unfolds its taste to the fullest after warming it up again.

Active time: 180 minutes

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