March 2013

Ziegenkäserollen mit Himbeerdressing / Goat cheese rolls with raspberry dressing

Wunderbar fruchtig und überraschend im Geschmack . Incredibly fruity and a surprisingly flavour.

Zutaten / Ingredients:

  • eine cremige Ziegenkäse-Rolle / a creamy goat cheese roll
  • Rucola / rocket salad
  • pürierte Himbeeren / puréed raspberries
  • eine Hand voll Mandeln, gehobelt / a handful sliced almonds
  • Honig / honey
  • Sonnenblumenöl / sunflower oil
  • eine "Abate" Birne / an "Abate" pear

Auf einem Teller eine Hand voll Rucola Salat anrichten und darüber dünne Birnenscheiben verteilen. In einer Pfanne etwas Sonnenblumenöl und 2 EL Honig erhitzen und den in Scheiben geschnittenen Ziegenkäse darin leicht anbraten, regelmäßig wenden. Arrange the rocket salad on a plate and spread over thin pear slices. Heat some sunflower oil and 2 tsp. honey in a pan, cut the goat cheese roll into slices and fry lightly turning regularly.

Ziegenkäse auf den Birnencarpaccio anrichten, Mandeln darüber verteilen und mit den pürierten Himbeeren garnieren. Warm servierenArrange the goat cheese on the pear carpaccio, sprinkle with almonds and garnish with the puréed raspberries. Serve warm.

Testing a gluten-free bread mix from “Bauckhof”

Have you ever tried a gluten-free bread mix? I didn't before...I was standing in front of the well-stocked supermarket shelf looking for various types of gluten-free flour as I noticed the bread mix packaging from "Bauckhof".

I have to admit, the name "Schnellbrot" (quick bread) and the tempting image catched my interest...the result? I was impressed! It is easy and quick to prepare and it is very rich in flavour - and therefore I would recommend it.

Active time: 60 minutes


  • 500 gr gluten-free bread mix (1 pack)
  • 100 ml water

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Gluten-free apple-almond-sticks

I saw a similar recipe a few month ago while browsing through a magazine and I remembered the flavour of apple-strudel made by my beloved grandmother...

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Gluten-free glass noodle soup with coconut milk and shrimps

Great news:  a lot of asian noodles are gluten-free as they are made from ingredients like acorns, mung beans, rice or sweet potatoes. Some of them still contain wheat flour so you better double check the ingredients on the packaging (but also a lot of them are gluten-free, available in asian markets, in well-stocked stores or online).

Just to mention some of them: acorns, mung beans, rice noodles, buckwheat or sweet potato vermicelli,  shirataki noodles...So be creative and explore this wonderful variety of gluten-free noodles!

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